Looking to the future

Union High School turns 100 years old this year and, as is the case, birthdays are a time for celebration and reflection and for bringing people together.

As Shirley Bassey once said: “You don’t get older; you get better” and that this is certainly the case with our wonderful school.

Since 1919, thousands of learners have moved through Union’s classrooms, with the school most definitely having left an indelible mark on the people they became.

In the next 100 years to come, Union needs to continue to ensure that we are inspiring the next generation to take on this world.

That we produce individuals who are confident and articulate and who have the skills, values and attitudes to shape their future, to be able to contribute meaningfully to the community and to take on a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate.

In order to inspire our learners as well as strengthen the bonds between the past and present learners, the Old Unionite Association is hoping to feature regular articles about exceptional alumni of Union High School.

Individuals who have used their schooling at Union High School as a stepping stone to success.

Someone who, in their own unique way, can give our youth the courage to face the future and inspire them to transform themselves into the people they hope to become.

If you would like to share your story, or know an Old Unionite who, in your opinion, has achieved success in any sphere of life, please contact us with their details at uhsmarketing@unionschools.co.za