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The Old Unionite Association Committee has decided to embark on a drive to raise much neededfunds for the school by revitalizing the “100 Club” (R100, 100 years, 100 Club!!)

The 100 Club is a club that was established locally approximately 40 years ago, where interested parties purchase a ticket for R20.00 per month with the possibility of winning a lucky draw twice a year, 1st prize is R1 000.00, 2nd prize R500.00 and 3rd prize R250.00. At present, the Club has 95 members, and the committee wishes to increase the membership substantially.

There are 3000 Old Unionites on our data base. If 30% of these each buy 5 monthly tickets (@R20.00 per ticket) for R100.00 this would generate 900 x R100 = R1 080 000.00 per annum, a substantial sum. There is no restriction on the number of tickets an individual may purchase, the more tickets you buy the greater your chances of winning. The prizes will be significantly greater than at present and the draw will take place 4 times per annum. The prize money will be determined by the number of tickets sold, so obviously the more tickets we sell the greater the value of the prizes.

So with this in mind we want to launch the new 100 club over intershools weekend by having an increased lucky draw, 1st prize R10 000.00, 2nd prize R5 000.00 and 3rd prize R2 500.00. If you become a 100 club member before the draw on Saturday evening you will be eligible for the grand prize. Remember, R20.00 a month gets you one ticket in each draw, R100.00 a month will get you 5 tickets in each draw! The next draw after interschools will be at the end of November. Membership forms and debit order forms are attached for your convenience and they will also be available on Facebook, the website, and Alumnet (please register on Alumnet!

The following is the wish list from the school and Old Unionites which would greatly influence the attraction of good quality families to the school:
1. To start a scholarship fund in order to maintain and enhance the character of the school.
2. Two new classrooms (where the old bicycle park used to be)
3. Off-the-grid hostels (solar power)
4. To assist the school to acquire relevant teaching equipment
5. To continue to add to our school’s sports facilities
6. OUA small functions room and deck on the tennis court side of the Union for our memorabilia and to incorporate a tea room for the ground staff underneath the deck.
I hope to see many Old Unionites and others joining, please tell everybody, as anybody can join.


100 Club application form

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