Old Unionites Association

"When you become part of the Union family, it's a lifetime bond.  This is a school of many generations and deep roots.  It's not just inwardly focused, the school is investing in the wider community and the future of its current and past students.  That's what makes someone like me fly across from the other side of the world for a 50 year reunion."


Dear Old Unionites


Interschools 2016 may seem some way off at the moment, but before we know it, your reunion will be upon us and it is for this reason that I write to you this morning.

I believe that it is very important that each class which wishes to hold a reunion in August of this year will need to start their preparations well in advance and to begin the process of creating the excitement that surrounds this occasion. In addition, with so many of our past pupils living abroad, adequate notification allowing the timeous booking of flights and accommodation is imperative.
The school is not responsible for organising the reunions, but will provide support where necessary, such as booking a stand for Old Unionites at the Botanics Sports Grounds and providing a list of potential venues for functions and accommodation options. The Old Unionite Association web-site will be very valuable to you in this regard and I ask you to visit www.oua.co.za for further information.

The assembly will take place on Friday 5 August 2016 at 09:00. On the Friday, sporting events will take place, with the main sports matches on Saturday 6 August. Volkskool will be hosting Interschools, but we can guarantee a weekend of good sport, festivity, camaraderie and the rekindling of old friendships.
We look forward to further communication as you set up your reunion organising committees and appoint convenors, who are usually the Head Prefects of your year (if available). I trust that when you return to your alma mater, you will find it just the way you left it, or perhaps even a little better.

Warmest Regards
Mr W.E. Pringle


The Mission of the Association shall be to perform whatever functions are necessary to assist the Union High School and the Union Preparatory School in the achievement of these objectives, provided that such functions fall within the framework of the Objectives of the Association.



The Aims of the Association shall be to:

  1. Seek to constantly keep abreast of the changing needs of its members;

  2. To execute all operations with integrity and in a professional manner;

  3. To provide the infrastructure which will enable the Association to communicate adequately with all its members and Branches, and to coordinate and guide the Branches without dictating to them or usurping their autonomy.



Membership of the association is available to any:

  1. Former learner of the school;

  2. Parents of current or past pupils of the school;

  3. Current or past educator of the school

For the purposes of keeping Old Unionites in touch with each other.


The Objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. To promote, foster and maintain the fellowship of its members;

  2. To keep Old Unionites in touch with each other;

  3. To uphold the spirit and traditions of the School through a spirit of service;

  4. To receive any gifts and bequests and to administer them in accordance with the wishes of the donor(s);

  5. To promote the establishment of Branches of the Association;

  6. To liaise with the various bodies forming part of the Union family in the best interests of Associations and the school; and

  7. To encourage Branches and members to raise funds.